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E-Commerce Theme

Wheather you're selling homemade goods or importing the fashion wear, allow Kassa to establish your new web presense.  Use our one of a kinds e-commerce platform to add items, add description, leave reviews and collect payment.

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Financial Theme

Wheather it be your accounting, insurace or any other Financial buisess, the Financial Theme  will highlight your services and your track record.  Our pre-written content along with your offering will make this an eye catching website.

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Restaurant Theme 

The Resuaturant theme is create to highlight your delicious menu, we can incorporate vivid image to get you clients mouth watering. Through our story telling, we can show what sets your restarturant apart and how your came to be. 

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spa Theme

Your website is a very good way to show your potential customer how you can bring some relaxation and rest into their lives.  Allow your website to paint a calm picture and an oppotunity for your next new clients to book with you. 

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Law Theme 

Establish a strong website presense for your Law practise.  Highlight all your services, hours of operation and fees.  Present your clients with a wealth of information so they can choose you to represent them. 

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Medical Theme

Kassa's medical theme allow you to have a website presense for your medical practise such as dential, optomotry, physio and chrio.  You can display your hours of operation, book appointments and marketing your practise.

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Mortgage Theme 

Mortgage Theme is good for mortgage agent to showcase theirs services, their bio and the latest rate.  Our Mortgage website come with a wealth of information, there many pages of expertly pre-written content.

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As a business owner or professional, you strive for success with passion and drive. But for that you need a clear approach, because the secret behind success is unique to every company. Making websites is in our blood. We support the success of your business with a professional tailor-made website.

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We work with a handy operating system. This way you can make minor adjustments to your website in no time.

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Your site will have a mobile-friendly design and will be fully featured on all screens. That way you won't lose a single mobile visitor.

Built by Specialists

We provide attractive texts with relevant keywords. This way, customers will quickly find your website in Google and Bing.

Optimized for Search Engines

Our copywriters provide your texts with the correct titles and relevant keywords. This way search engines can easily pick up your website.

In line with the New Privacy Laws

We help you post your privacy and cookie policy and we make sure that all your forms comply with the privacy laws.

Secured with an SSL Certificate

Your website will receive an SSL certificate by default. This way, the data of your visitors is secured and you score better in Google.

Fully responsive website optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop views 

Professional website designed to match your business and brand. 

Ultimate technical performance (W3C compliance, page speed, etc.) 

Conversion-driven website templates, page layouts and modules. 

Best-in-class SEO, including traditional, local and voice search. 

Structured data to ensure data consistency & rich search results. 

Easy-to-use, WYSIWYG interface for editing and managing website content. 

Affordable digital presence solution designed specifically for SMBs. 

Store and manage all your files in the File Manager. 

Collect site visitor data and store data in KASSA Customers.

Add personalization and drive visitor engagement with KASSA On-Site Engagements. 

Fully-hosted and secure solution.

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